Kirill Sarychev was born on January 1, 1989 in an ordinary family of the city of Pugachev, Saratov Region. Even then, it was clear that he inherited the truly heroic genetics of his father, who, without being fond of sports professionally, has the anthropometry of a world-class athlete: height 192 cm (6 ft 3 1 ⁄ 2 inches) and weight 130 kg (287 pounds). Kirill’s childhood fell on a difficult post-Soviet Union time: in the new country, instead of the sports sections there was ruin and crime. But the inner core of the champion did not let him turn off the right track.
Childhood and youth
Kirill’s elder brother and father raised him with devotion and love to the sport: every day at 6 am before going to work Sarychev Sr. regularly was doing abs and push-ups - his sons had to repeat after him, forced at first, but then - with enthusiasm and interest.

The first bar - an old Soviet Union one, with multi-colored plates up to 30 kg, which he benched from the floor at the age of 7 at full amplitude.

The first gym - in the area "Career of the Ministry of Internal Affairs" of ​​the city of Pugachev, where Kirill lived. It was for the prison colony staff only, but it always attracted children and youngsters who, after football, volleyball or table tennis, went there a couple of times a month to "lift something."

All visits to the gyms, which belonged to Correctional Colony No. 4, were semi-legal, and, rather, on the initiative of the workers who opened it for the children. As soon as the chief responsible for its functioning changed, the gym began to work intermittently, or even was closed: the cleaning lady, who loved to drink and disappear, once again closed the gym and disappeared for a long time. Kirill and his friends had to find a way out, how and where to apply their daring and strength which they were made of at the age of 15.

The beginning of the sports career
All the ways led to the gym of school number 1, where Kirill was studying. It was the place where he met his first and the only coach - Viktor Mikheev.

“I trained at home, I know what to do!” - with these words, Kirill came to the first training session in the Mikheev’s section, but got the refusal: there were supposedly too many people that day. The coach invited him to come to train on Monday. And this was the first test and the first coaching lesson.

During the session on Monday, Kirill did his best: squatted 60 kg, which almost crushed him, benched 90 kg and pulled 110 kg. Local “bros” were impressed: for a “stingy boy” of 72 kg it was a good result, but the coach was not impressed at all.

A professional teacher with three higher pedagogical educations, Mikheev chose the right tough tactics of training and communicating with Kirill, never highlighting and exalting him against the background of others. It was he who was able to direct the stubbornness of the athlete in the right direction, which made it possible to achieve such phenomenal results in sports.
So regular training sessions under the programming of Mikheev made the first tournaments happen.

Per aspera ad astra
Kirill began his training in the Mikheev class in February 2005. In May 2005, he had his first competition. Three months of hard work raised not only strength results but also his own body weight to 89.5 kg! As for powerlifting results in his competition he had 110 kg in squat, 110 kg in the bench press and 150 kg in a deadlift.

Huge numbers for a young guy, but not that much- for a coach. After a week of rest, it was decided to start new training cycles.

Every three months there were mock meets: 140 kg squat, 125 kg bench press and 160 kg deadlift, another three months later - 170 kg squat, 145 kg bench press and 190 - 200 kg deadlift.

A year later, Kirill weighed 160 kg and lifted in the gym the numbers needed to make it for Sports master.
The conditions in the gym where he was training were extremely aggressive: it was a school built in 1893, where Chapaev’s headquarters was once based. Cracked walls, falling plaster, room temperature in winter was +10C, in summer - + 40C in summer. But neither this, nor the 5-kilometer walk to the gym could interfere with the already beloved sports.
Crazy training, huge volume, tough atmosphere - all this created a profound foundation, which allowed them to perform later on large platforms and go against the exclamations of haters.

Big sport
A series of big real competitions has begun. Firstly, under the rules of the International Federation of Powerlifting (IPF) without equipment (raw). But since it was ineffective to compete with equipped athletes, Kirill moved to the equipped division.
In February 2007 Kirill lifted at the AWPC Russian Championship, where he got the title of Master of Sports and set several records among juniors.

At 17, he squatted 300 kg, benched 260-270 kg and pulled 260-270 kg in equipment.
The young champion returned home inspired by victories, but reality brought him down to earth. And he started all over again - hard training, strict regimen, the realization that nobody needs us except ourselves. All this formed the character of Kirill.

In August 2007, he performed at the Eurasian Championship in Kursk, where Kirill added 40 kg in a squat, 20 kg in a bench press, and 30 kg in a deadlift. The total was made of 340 kg squat, 287 kg bench press, and 300 kg deadlift. As a bonus -- world records, which are still not beaten by anyone.

The next start was the World Championship in the same year in Tolyatti. He won and set WR again. There he met Andrey Fedoseev, who would later invite Kirill to the Battle of Champions, where he would bench his 300 kg for the first time.
So, until 2009, Kirill was constantly increasing his results, until he was emotionally stuck in the total of 1,100 kg in equipment that no one except Vladimir Kalinichenko had lifted before in Russia. In 2011, the barrier was overcome and 1120 kg in equipment was obeyed.

At the age of 19, Kirill exceeded the AWPC Elite standard among juniors. It was time for a new beginning in his sports career.

Big records
An era of RAW powerlifting began. A series of RAW performances started after 2009, new victories and records had been constantly set. Until 2017, Kirill constantly kept high standards in RAW bench press, making a mark of 300 kg at every competition, which not every elite athlete could do.

Battle of Champions is a professional tournament in single powerlifting lifts, which was held by Andrey Fedoseev in Arkhangelsk. This was the first professional RAW tournament, and it was he who set a new direction in the development of professional power sports: competitions with good prizes, with one of the best organizations at that time, the right approach and idea.

In 2010, Kirill benched the first official 300 kg RAW in Russia. It was done on certified equipment, in the presence of judges of the international category.

At the Battle of Champions in 2014, Kirill benched 326 kg.
In 2015, a new era in RAW bench press had begun: in the second attempt, Kirill set a record --330 kg, and in the third attempt, he “secured” his record and the title of world record holder, powerfully benching 335 kg.

In 2016, Kirill proved his superiority in RAW powerlifting in knee sleeves, setting in total 1082.5 kg in SHW. He benched 320 kg, squatted 360 kg and pulled 402.5 kg.

Moving to Moscow marked a new chapter in the life of a champion.
In Moscow, with the fundamental support of Aleksandr and Arseniy Fedorovs, the WRPF was created. It became the first and unique sports organization that now unites a huge number of countries and for the first time in the history of Russian sports gives franchises for tournaments, rather than acquiring them (as it was before the appearance of WRPF). The first competition under the flag of WRPF was held in May 2015 - the Russian Championship.

Spectacular shows were held under the rules of WRPF.
In April 2016 a unique tournament was held in single lifts of powerlifting according to the rules of WRPF among employees of the Northern Fleet of Russia. The meet was held by the crew of the Peter the Great TARK whose participants were from several units of the Fleet. In the same month, there was the first strength competition among special forces of power structures and it was run under WRPF Rules. Participants performed exercises from powerlifting and power extreme, as well as elements of military disciplines. The power show among professionals at the Sexton bike center is another unusual and one-of-a-kind tournament which was held in a night bike club atmosphere of hard rock and hardcore. In 2019, for the first time in the history of powersports, the Subaru Forester of 2.5 million rubles cost was set as the main prize of the V World Championship in powerlifting, push pull double event, bench press, folk bench press, deadlift, strict lifting for biceps, armlifting and streetlifting by WRPF.

A huge amount of effort, knowledge and finance was invested in the Federation and in sport in general. Despite the unprofitability of tournaments, Kirill continues to do his job, enabling millions of powerlifters around the world to lift at amazing tournaments, with the best equipment, the highest standards of organization.

Business and projects
The scale of Kirill’s personality will never let him rest on his laurels. In addition to the Federation, he is actively working on other projects: his Instagram blog has over a million subscribers, and the number of views of each video on the YouTube channel exceeds one million.
In his portfolio of activities the “Slap” project takes pride of place.

Kirill is the first who conducted this kind of show, and the first who was not afraid to bring it to the international level.
The Face Slap contest blew up the sports world. International and local media non-stop write about it, for example, MATCH TV reporters, Amiran Sardarov, UFC, HBO, Donald Trump Jr., Snoop Dogg, Joe Rogan, Shaquille O'Neal, Logan Paul.
Acquaintance and cooperation with Amiran contributed to the development and structure of the show, making it even more exciting and spectacular.

Among other projects is the Exhibition of sports nutrition and products for an active lifestyle SARYCHEV POWER EXPO, the release of its own apparel for big and strong (and not only for them!) PAINKILLER by name.
Kirill is also a co-organizer of bare-fisted fights in the League of Outstanding Gentlemen, an active traveler, an avid fan of racing, and speed. This does not stop him from reciting Yesenin and Mayakovsky by heart and visiting theaters and galleries.

Modern bloggers and famous people are usually accepted with a lot of negativity. Kirill is no exception.
“Often, 9 out of 10 top people in the blogosphere turn out to be not just good, but super decent well-mannered people, which goes against their content.
What they create clearly corresponds to the modern needs of society. It is difficult to describe my surprise of how I feel when I personally meet people who created negative reactions in me while watching their videos: in real life they are radically different.

There is such a concept: demand creates supply, which is the problem of modern society.
But I'm not talking about that now.
Each time, setting new goals and objectives, I try to "break into" new layers of society, and among them to popularize what I do, with my own example, sporting events.
My sport is powerlifting, and it literally created me, and I want to pay tribute to him, to show my gratitude, and to attract and attract new people to it.

I meet a storm of indignation from adherents of the old school who do not understand modern life and reality. This does not make them bad, it just shows their misunderstanding of what is happening.
I am characterized by what I brought and did for our sport. You can write a couple of bad comments, leaving everything at the level of chat, or you can take power sports to a radically new level. That’s what I’m doing. ”
Kirill Sarychev

Sport has never been an obstacle to studying. After an excellent graduation from Pugachev’s school No. 1, Kirill entered PGMT (Pugachev Irrigation and Reclamation College named after Chapaev), and then -- Saratov State Agrarian University named after Vavilov. Currently, Kirill is getting another higher education at the RANEPA.

Kirill's active position for a healthy lifestyle is reflected in social advertising (billboard - no smoking promotion). He never forgets about his roots, trying to support the development of sports and gyms in his small homeland city of Pugachev.

In difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic, the champion sent humanitarian aid in the form of his own brand masks to hospitals and social institutions all around Russia. Kirill is actively involved in promoting sports and health among young people, organizing street workout and powerlifting tournaments with motivating prizes not only for professionals, but also for amateurs.

Family and personal life
Currently, Kirill is not married and has not yet created his own family. An active social life, business and participation in a huge number of media projects take away all the athlete's leisure time. However, among life values and priorities of Kirill - a large friendly family and a strong home.
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